Experience the Timeless Charm of Japanese Kimono Culture Tour: Dress up in Authentic Kimonos, Stroll in Style with Upcycled Umbrellas, and Capture Unforgettable Moments!
Produced by AKIZAKURA

Features of Japan.walking

Lots of kimonos!

There are about 40 types of women's kimono, 10 types of men's kimono and 10 types of children's kimono.
All kimonos are silk kimonos. You can enjoy the comfort of a real kimono.

Beautiful kimono umbrella!

Along with beautiful kimonos, you can also use umbrellas made from upcycled beautiful kimonos.

It will make your pictures more spectacular!

Experience Japanese culture!

In this tour, you will not only enjoy wearing a kimono, but also learn how to walk, how to behave when wearing a kimono and how to visit shrines.

Photo Gallery

I propose a touching tour in YANAKA area, which will give you the chance to know a good old-days Japanese life-style and its traditional culture!
I am ready to propose you the followings;
・Being dressed Yukata(summer cotton kimono) in summer, and Kimono in winter time. (Now Yukata)
※ I offer authentic kimonos made from silk, produced in the traditional way.
※ You can choose from more than 50 Yukata or Kimono to wear on the day.
・Taking a walk dressed with Yukata or Kimono together with AKIZAKURA's Kimono Upcycled Umbrella.
・During a walk, I show you the stylish walking-manner with Yukata and Kimono, way of sitting-down, and pattern of behavior.
・Of course, you can have a lot of commemorative photos at each photogenic spot in YANAKA, for your unforgettable experience in Japan.

Japanese Kimono culture has long history and it was deeply accepted into Japanese life-style, Kimono was not only the clothes but also a good showcase of idea for sustainable. Also, AKIZAKURA's Umbrella is not just the accessory but the part of our identification to show up your class.

※ Date, time, location and number of participants may be customised. Please contact me to discuss.
※ I usually shoot with an iPhone 14pro, but if you would like to shoot with a full-scale camera, this is possible for +JPY 13,000.
※ Professional hair, makeup, and tea ceremony services can be added for an additional fee.
※ In case of rain, the tour will be held. However, if you wish, we can change the schedule, so please contact us.