Let's walk around Tokyo in kimono!
Produced by AKIZAKURA


I propose a touching tour in YANAKA area, which will give you the chance to know a good old-days Japanese life-style and its traditional culture!
I am ready to propose you the followings;
・Being dressed Yukata(Japanese summer cotton kimono) in summer, and Kimono in winter time. (Now it is a Kimono)
※ I offer authentic kimonos made from silk, produced in the traditional way.
※ Once your booking is confirmed, I will send you a list of Yukata and/or Kimono from which you can choose the one you prefer.
・Taking a walk dressed with Yukata and/or Kimono together with AKIZAKURA's Kimono Umbrella (Japanese traditional umbrella) in YANAKA area.
・During a walk, I show you the stylish walking-manner with Yukata and/or Kimono, way of sitting-down, and pattern of behavior.
・Of course, you can have a lot of commemorative photos at each photogenic spot in YANAKA, for your unforgettable experience in Japan.

Japanese Kimono culture has long history and it was deeply accepted into Japanese life-style, Kimono was not only the clothes but also a good showcase of idea for “Mottai-nai”. Also, AKIZAKURA's Kimono Umbrella is not just the accessory but the part of our identification to show up your class.
I introduce you how a idea of ”Mottai-nai” has developed, and want you to experience full of Japanese culture.

※ Dates, times and locations may be customised. Please contact me to discuss.